About us

If society has normalised the act of Googling “rate my newborn’s poo” then the future of this world may not be as rosy as I would have envisaged for my son. But surely it wasn’t only my 4-week-old who could harness enough physical pressure within to paste a mustard-coloured smear from singlet bottom to neck? And surely I wasn’t the only one up at 3am humouring my curiosity.

As it turned out, I wasn’t. Well more accurately, I wasn’t the first to compare his pooing ability to that of other babies. For the search immediately bore fruit...I found the answer on a blog; a daddy blog, of all things, and complete with diagram. (See: "unsolved crime")

This was my introduction to daddy blogging. My wife and I had read the literature; we were well versed on the different positions for breast-feeding, the need to read to our babies from an early age, the secrets to getting our baby into a sleeping/feeding routine ASAP. But the blog offered something different; an honest perspective that was realistic, frank and enjoyable to read.

So, readers, here I am, to put my own two-bobs worth into the parenting blogosphere. Like a four-wheeled pram from one of those fancy manufacturers, I aim to be reliable, good to look at, but with a mind of my own. Without purporting to be Hemingway, readers may, on occasion, need to look beyond the poor writing, for the message or story that lies within the words.

But my main aim is to be entertaining, be somewhat useful, and to let other would-be fathers know that ... whatever they’re Googling, they’re not alone.

First, introductions.

                      The cast
Narrator ...... Dan (the dad)

Principle actor ..... Freddy (the son)

Supporting actor ..... Anna (mum, wife, boss)