Friday, 8 November 2013


If customs and border protection puts a limit on nappies, we’re running the risk of being branded traffickers.

Tomorrow, we leave for Asia with a five-month-old in tow and there’s barely room for my budgie smugglers amongst the 200-odd Huggies.

Anna and I used to be carefree travellers. We’ve hitchhiked around Mongolia, journeyed throughout Europe and traversed a lot of South-East Asia. What little luggage we took was packed at the eleventh hour.

But, it’s fair to say, we’re embarking on a trip like never before. Intreprid adventurers of a different kind. Some have called us ‘brave’, others assume we’re mad, but many say travelling with an infant is a great time to explore. Well, for one thing, the price is right. $40 all up.

Preparing for it has been a journey in itself. A last-minute job would have been a disaster. Up until this point, the planning phase has been anything but an ordeal, which obviously petrifies us for what could eventuate – the calm before the storm perhaps. We even managed to get our son a passport photo, taken at seven weeks, that looks reasonably similar to him at five months.
Freddy gets passport photo.

So, how much do we need for a paradise beach? Swimmers, sun cream, hats, water nappies. What else is there? He’s had all the shots; he’ll be in long-sleeved clothing.

We're like a travelling circus troupe. We have all the tricks, for all occasions. We’ll pack a sample of every over-the-counter baby medicine produced; pack each toy he’s ever shown an interest in; include hand-held breast-milk machines, familiar blankets, spoons, his night-time clothing. There’s a lot to take.
Freddy's bag.
A quick luggage audit has revealed that Anna has two-thirds of a large suitcase, Freddy has three thirds and one sixth, while my wares for a fortnight are allotted the remaining sixth of the compartment space. My underwear can be rolled into small little balls, but I don’t have much room for anything else.

But we feel our holiday depends in large part on our ability to relax, and in order to relax we need all bases covered. At least we’ll be prepared for whatever is thrown at us. I think.

Any final-hour tips on items we should take? Or leave behind?


  1. Sounds like you're really well-prepared! :) Have a great trip around Asia and if you're popping by Japan / Singapore and need travel tips, feel free to contact me

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. It will be easy and you'll be fine - I dare say they have shops too, should you require more of something.
    One of my favourite moments was going into a small town supermarket in Italy to buy nappies, and discovering they had a whole shelf of depends style old people nappies and only 3 packs of baby nappies. 2 were newborn. Fortunately we could make do with the other pack. Interesting insight into the aging population in traditional Italian villages...
    People always say it's hard travelling with a baby, but I think that's just people that have never done it. We done it with a 6 day old, and pretty much everything up. Only when you get arrogant that you've done it before so it won't be a problem does it come unstuck. So prepare for the worst, and it will be easy...

  3. Don't take too many swimming nappies, you can wash the swimming ones out - so just take 2 or 3 and as for the normal ones you'll find some over there that will fit I'm sure, but if it makes you feel better - do it! Enjoy :)

  4. Hope you enjoy every moment even the not so good ones as it will be a time you will look back on with fond memories and so glad that you dared to on the adventure. Good luck and enjoy! I assume you are taking him in a sling of some sort also? The ergo baby is so comfortable for your back.

  5. Hard to imagine 200 huggies going in the travel pack, looks like you're having a great time!

  6. Traveling in Asia with a baby is AWESOME and fun, and I would do it again in a second.