Thursday, 16 January 2014


Having a virus swimming around your meninges (brain fluid) should be a good enough excuse to let one’s blogging fall by the wayside. But add to that my first son’s first Christmas and I think I’ve had some pretty honest reasons not to update The Dad Department.

Seriously, I apologise, although I doubt anyone’s had a boring enough time over Christmas to really notice (no insult to others intended).

I know I promised a Part II of “Freddy Does Asia”, but aside from contracting the dreaded virus, it was much of the same: deluded into thinking we’d relax by the pool, while Freddy would sleep like a dream inside.

Thailand, the land of gold knick-knack elephants, Singha beer, pad kee mao and smiling locals. Khao Lak, a seaside resort region north of Phuket, was a destination paradise. But we were running after a rapidly developing child; it was like parenting by time-lapse machine. Oh, and I got meningitis.

So, to make it up to you, from now, I’ll try and post daily weekly. I’ve had a career change and am now a stay-at-home dad ... temporarily, I’m told. Anyway, I began a year off with my son yesterday, and so I should have plenty of time to write. *experienced stay-at-home parents scoff at last sentence with rejection.

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